Tuning Table Offsets

Additional Tuning Resources

Reed Scraper and Tool Kits by Richard Sleigh

Peterson Software and Hardware Tuners


StroboSoft 2.0

IStroboSoft for iPhone

Cleartune for iPhone

Free Online Tuner

Calculate Frequency Beats and Cents

1. Test the pitch of each reed and make notes
2. Remove the cover plates only
3. Slip harmonica onto the fixture “post” of your choice
a. Draw reed side up, comb/plate slips under the shim side of the fixture to support while tuning
b. Blow reed side up, comb/plate hole slides onto the slotted post side to support while tuning
4. Adjust tune with your draw scraper or file
5. Hold the cover plates on by hand (optional step if you are an expert at this)
6. Repeat as necessary
7. Reattach the cover plates and enjoy the sweet sounds you have just created

Right-Click to Save Image for printing or reference.


Tuning Table Instructions and Helpful Links
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